Mother’s Day is coming up and we have a few gift ideas for the mom that loves to attend festivals. After years of running events, we’ve seen a lot of good, bad, and funny items come through the admissions gates. Here are some of the must-haves for the mom who loves to festival!


Personalized Cooler

Maybe mom wouldn’t love a “keep cool” cooler, but she would love a customized tote so she’ll always know which one is hers at her next festival. While she may have many coolers, a personalized touch could easily make this her favorite one. Find a cooler in a fun pattern that is predominately her favorite color and add her initials or a fun saying like “Mom’s Festival Survival Bag”. Also, think of the functionality of her upgraded tote. The terrain at festivals is not often even, so we recommend a cooler that is comfortable to carry.


Before mom can pack that new cooler, she needs to have a place to go. She needs tickets! We have many events throughout the year that will get your festival loving mom out there!

If mom loves oysters and other seafood, we recommend visiting Southern Maryland for the Hollywood Oyster and Seafood Festival this weekend. Instead of taking mom out for brunch, take her out for a whole day of food and local beer and wine. Treat her like VIP with early admission at 11 am, a dozen oysters, reserve VIP tasting, a souvenir cup, and samples from Maryland wineries, breweries, distilleries. Tickets are only available online here. 

Food & Drink Holder

When up and walking around a festival, holding a beverage and food can become a challenge. We’ve found a niffy little 2-in-1 product that can change mom’s whole festival experience! This bamboo tray has a place for a wine glass and for your food truck scoreWe recommend this tray because of the versatility. Grabbing this set of four means mom can also use these for her own parties or share with her festival friends! 



Festival Seating

At some point, mom will want kick back a bit. Festivals can be a few hours to a few days, she’ll eventually want to have someplace to rest, catch up with friends, and enjoy the music. We recommend investing in a comfortable chair that is easy to pack up and carry. She may already have one, but consider the upgrade for Mother’s Day. Get one with a sturdy cup holder a little extra cushion, or maybe just in her favorite color instead of the standard black or blue everyone seems to own. If she already has a chair she likes, consider an accessory to make her festival experience better! Try this plastic tray and cup holder that fits on most chairs or even tent legs. It will give mom a place to set her plate and cell phone while relaxing.     



As a bonus suggestion, we always recommend making mom feel like a Queen.

Mother’s day is about having a good time but most of all, it is about mom. By purchasing a fun crown for her to be admired on her special day is a fun accessory for any festival. This crown can be fun or dripping with diamonds, either way she will stand out in the crowd. Mom’s not a crown type of lady? That’s okay, there’s always figurative ways to make her feel as loved and admired as the queen of the family without the headpiece!

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