There’s no further excuses. Spring is here and the weather is warming up, so it’s time to get out and enjoy your local festivals. Pack away the sweaters and start looking for those shorts and flowy, floral dresses. Here are some tips we’ve learned about enjoying your local festivals this Spring.


#1 April (and May) Showers

Weather during Spring and Fall festivals is often the most unpredictable. In the Spring you can expect the weather to range from cold snaps or summer temperatures. Rain is likely, and many festivals are “rain or shine”. Be prepared. Bring a poncho or an umbrella (if permitted) for your own personal protection but for your further comfort, consider a few other things. Bring a back-up pair of shoes and clothes. If you get wet, you’ll want something warm to change into. Bring extra trash bags. Trash bags are a great way to protect your items from the rain and will make a great bag for wet clothes and shoes.  

#2 Stay Hydrated

If you are able to bring water, bring it. If you need to purchase it, do it. Even if it is raining out, you still need more than normal amounts of water to stay hydrated when you are drinking and eating during festivals. We’ve seen terrible things happen to people who overindulge at wine, beer, and spirit events and end up very sick or worst. No matter the season! We don’t want that to happen to you, and accordingly we often encourage you to bring water into our festivals.

#3 Carry Cash

Yes, many vendors accept credit at festivals but a little cash will help you to avoid missing out on a purchase. Often times festival vendors will run into internet or cell problems where card readers aren’t able to process credit card transactions. This is a very frustrating time for both vendors and for customers. Always carry a bit of cash on you so that when you need to make a purchase and cannot use that card, you have a Plan B that avoids frustration for everyone.

#4 Get Festive

Make fun of your festival time. Grab your friends and create a theme, wear matching hats, or coordinate colorful outfits. We’ve seen very creative people celebrate the Spring season with fairy hats/clothing, with bunny ears, and colorful clothing displays. Festivals are also great for family reunions and we love seeing the shirts people create for their outing. While you may only remember the best food you had or the best local beer tasted, getting involved and creative with your festival experience will make for great photos and lasting memories.

#5 Meet Someone

At a craft beverage or food festival you have a captive audience of people that live near you and enjoy the same things you do, take advantage of that! Meet new people at the festival over a glass of beer. Give someone a compliment when they are purchasing someone from a artisan vendor. If you try an amazing food at the event, tell people what you had on social media or while they’re just walking past you. We’ve met so many amazing people at our events and hope you’ll take a little extra time to meet your neighbors over a glass of wine. 


Many festivals have an built in history lesson or chance to visit local cities you wouldn’t normally explore. Our Reisterstown Craft Beer & Wine Festival takes place in and around Historic Main Street Reisterstown that boasts a mix of historic markers dating back to the 18th century and bustling new small shops built for visitors. The Susquehanna Museum at the Lock House, which hosts the Lock House Craft Beer & Wine Festival, also has historic significance. When the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal was in operation (1840 – 1890s), the Lock House, built in 1840, provided residence for the Lock Tender and his family. Today you can learn more about life in Maryland in the 1800s with a trip around the museum.

We hope these insider tips help get you ready for the Spring festival season and that we’ll see you soon! 


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